Hobeen is an app

With the app Hobeen you will be able to control your home’s water, gas and electricity consumption wherever you are and whenever you want.

We are the first energy efficiency app in the market that helps you save on your utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Average annual expenditure


Average annual expenditure


Average annual expenditure

Do you know how much consumption you could avoid at home?

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  • EcoTraining

    The best EcoTraining content for learning how to be sustainable while improving your consumption habits.

  • Challenges and rewards

    We challenge you to acquire sustainable habits! Accomplish our challenges and earn redeemable seeds

Premium version

Subscription: 6,25€ / month

  • EcoTraining

    Discover fun facts and tips that will help you save on your utility bills. EcoTrain yourself with Hobeen and help us save the environment.

  • Premium challenges

    In addition of free challenges, our app adapts to your lifestyle and home by developing personalized challenges

  • Smart devices integration

    Smart devices for controlling your water, gas and electric consumption at home

  • Energy consulting

    Our team will help you optimize your tariffs and advise you about the optimal hours of electric consumption.

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Media testimonials

  • "The adventure of launching a startup being 20 years old"

  • "An app that helps you optimize you optimize your utility consumptions at home with an innovative energy eficiency kit"

  • "Hobeen studies your energy consumption behavior in each of your houses and helps users improve their consumption habits by offering them an optimized electricity tarrif."

  • "The online platform that will modernize and improve the consumption model of homes into a more sustainable system"

  • "Hobeen won't only help you reduce the negative effects on the environment and helping you save money, but it will also manage to build a community where it's participants will be commited to the environment"

  • "The european app that helps you save around 30% on your water, gas and elecricity bills"

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