Manage your consumption from a single app

Eco-education and communication tool that helps reduce household energy bills while enabling remote control and programming from a single place
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Eco-educational content to raise awareness on how to be sustainable and reduce household consumption

Energy stop light

We show in real time the different tariff periods to choose the best hours for electricity consumption

Savings challenges

We launch energy saving and sustainability challenges to fight energy waste and reduce our CO2 footprint

Energy advice

Personalised recommendations for optimising household energy consumption


All users share a place in the community and gamified content places users in the different ranking positions.


Take a picture to your energy bill, and an AI system instantly calculates the best price for the household.


With the support of technology, it is possible to measure consumption habits and offer energy advice.

Smart home

Integration of smart devices to control home energy resources from a single App and from any part of the world.

Do you know what the average annual expenses of a Spanish household are?

Average annual cost


Average annual cost


Average annual cost




Tariff calculator

Energy stop light

Challenges and rewards



Smart home device control

Eficiency kit integration

Our mobile app relies on


Content and challenges to increase environmental education through gamification techniques


Techniques that bridge the digital divide and enable usability for all ages


Because shared life is better! Ranking and private community to share progress

How can we work together?

We customize our app with your branding

Personalise Hobeen app with your coporate identity and content

We incorporate your corporate sections

The opportunity to convey information like never before

We create exclusive challenges for your company

Focused on the needs of your company, your employees, and your customers.

A 100% free app

Eco-education and absolute control on household energy ressources

Bills and carbon footprint reduction

Savings on electricity, water and gas bills while reducing the carbon footprint

Marketplace of sustainable products

Exchangeable seeds for gifts and discounts on ecological products and services

New ways of digitalization

New knowledge to reduce the digital divide

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