Ecoeducation to meet all your commitments

Tool for the preparation of internal programmes. Fulfil your ESG & CSR commitments and help your employees or citizens to save and be more sustainable and efficient in their homes.
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Device-free tool


Because we cannot change habits that we have never been taught... Savings + sustainability!

Eco savings challenges

Challenges based on gamification systems that make learning fun

Other tools

Useful additional tools such as an energy traffic light

Energy advice

Personalised energy advice to pay only for what you consume


By using the application, you earn seeds to redeem for rewards

Community and ranking

Fight your way up the rankings and share your successes with the rest of the community

We transform the difficult into easy in a dynamic way

Dynamic and fun ecoeducation

Don't be fooled! Learning can also be a simple and fun process for everyone

We make the complicated simple

We break down the complexity of the world of energy and sustainability to make it understandable

A real change in habits

Gamified daily challenges where the user is accompanied through all stages of the learning process

We cover all stages of the learning process

Through challenges to apply the acquired training in a practical way
Analyzing users' progress in their training and application process
Transferring to users real knowledge and awareness
Thanks to a marketplace where users can exchange their seeds
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