Transform your clients relationship with energy

We help companies an institutions to deploy energy savings and sustainable solutions for their clients, employees and citizens

How do we bring value?


Engagement para empresas

Increase your CLTV and relations with your clients and employees


A new communication channel with your employees and clients


Develop your business' potential and generate new opportunities


Complete your CSR& ESG strategies through savings and sustainability

How do we do it?

Mobile App

Using gamification techniques, we bring knowledge and control closer to people, providing them with empowerment and monitoring tools to acquire new habits that allow them to reduce their electricity, water and gas bills, as well as reducing their CO2 footprint.
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Energy dashboard

Ideal for the management of a large portfolio of homes. Monitoring, control and programming tools to obtain a complete remote view of all the home's energy resources from a single place.
Discover our Energy dashboard

API integration

Choose some of our functionalities and integrate them into your digital assets via our API. New business opportunities, maintenance savings and flexibility of establishment in a quick and easy way
Open API integration service


Reach your CSR & ESG goals, and develop an environmental consciousness through gamification and engagement systems with a 100% customed mobile app that features companies or institutions' branding and colors
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Transform energy into experience


We transform the relation between homes and energy and we give to families the absolute control on their energy ressources


We help reducing the environmental footprint and the impact of our actions on the planet


We reduce households bills up to 30%: savings month by month on electricity, water and gas bills

Why do they choose us?

"TotalEnergies is a company that always puts the people at the center of its activities and Hobeen helps us to assure the well-being of our clients thanks to the value that provides this application to our services"

Lucía Sampedro
Business Developmet in TotalEnergies
They guide us along the way
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