Save on your bills from a single app



Using our premium devices, we can measure your consumption habits and offer you a personalized energy consulting



Integrate and control your smart devices from a single app


Diana, our virtual assistant proposes multiple challenges based on your personal consumption habits



We advise you on the best tariffs for your home based on your consumption levels and personal budget


How much can you save with Hobeen?

0 Kh

of electricity

5000 L

of water per person

0 Kg

of CO2

Potential savings

200€ - 600€ / year

Depending on your habits and improvement

Diana tu asistente virtual

Free version


  • EcoTraining

    The best EcoTraining content for learning how to be sustainable while improving your consumption habits.

  • Challenges and rewards

    We challenge you to acquire sustainable habits! Accomplish our challenges and earn redeemable seeds

Premium version

Subscription: 6,25€ / month

  • EcoTraining

    Discover fun facts and tips that will help you save on your utility bills. EcoTrain yourself with Hobeen and help us save the environment.

  • Premium challenges

    In addition of free challenges, our app adapts to your lifestyle and home by developing personalized challenges

  • Smart devices integration

    Smart devices for controlling your water, gas and electric consumption at home

  • Energy consulting

    Our team will help you optimize your tariffs and advise you about the optimal hours of electric consumption.

How does it work?

Donwnload the app

  • Understand your utility bills
    • Optimize how you use home appliances
      • Learn how to be sustainable starting from your home

      Set up your devices

      • Buy our kit
        • Set up the devices easily by yourself or hire one of our installers
          • Connect your devices to your Wi-fi network

          Acomplish challenges

          • Diana will propose you water, gas and electricity saving chalenges
            • Learn how to save energy in a fun manner
              • Accumulate seeds and redeem them in order to save the environment

              Start saving

              • See your water, gas and electric consumption wherever you are
                • Save around 30% on your utility bills
                  • Save money, help the environment

                  Your actions have an impact

                  When you accumulate more seeds, we plant more trees with

                  Reforestum página web