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Improve customer retention and increase fidelity

It's the right moment to modernize your business. The Hobeen app is the perfect opportunity for attracting new potential customers while creating a new business line.

Boost your CSR

While collaborating with Hobeen, you and your customers will be taking part of the fight against climate change. Help your clients improve their carbon footprint and measure the positive impact of their new habits.

Improve the Loan-to-Value ratio of your clients

Create an additional business line with us. Offer your clients the first and only app of its kind in Europe that informs its users of their energy consumption through gamification techniques such as challenges and redeemable rewards.

Hobeen is an exclusive business in the market

We are the first energy efficiency app in the European market
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  • A single app

    Our smart device integration with the app allows users to control their entire home while helping them save on their bills.

  • Sustainability

    Reducing the energy consumption at your home is a synonym of efficiency, making all of our users part of the fight against climate change

  • Tested technology

    We use the most advanced smart devices in the market and analyze all retrieved data using AI and Big Data to study our user's consumption behaviors with the sole purpose of minimizing their energy consumption.

  • Subscription based

    Our device kits are paid with a monthly subscription which is easily paid with what you save on your utility bills.

How can we work together?

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App personalization with your corporate image

Your company's logo will be visible throughout the entire app

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Add your own sections and content

Display your products, services or any other aspect of your business inside the app

App de Hobeen

Create specific challenges based on your business

We propose new challenges so that your users learn to how save in their bills and be more energy efficient