Hobeen is an app

With the app Hobeen you will be able to control your home’s water, gas and electricity consumption wherever you are and whenever you want.

We are the first energy efficiency app in the market that helps you save on your utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Save money and reduce your carbon footprint at home

Average consumption of a typical household of 3 people in Spain


Smart shower

  • Save 140€ / year on your bills
  • Reduce 17.000 liters
    of water

A/C smart controller

  • Save 80€ on your electricity bill per A/C device
  • Reduce 152 Kg of CO2
    from the atmosphere

Electricity monitor

  • Save 240€ on your electricity bill
  • Reduce 350 Kg of CO2
    from the atmosphere

Smart plug

  • Save 50€ in your electricity bill
  • Reduce 95 Kg of CO2
    from the atmosphere

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Recover the cost of the kit in a single year


10000 L

of water in the shower



in a year using the app and smart devices


0 Kg

of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere

What does the kit include?

Learn about all the devices and their functionalities


A/C smart controller

From the app Hobeen, you will be able to turn your AC on and off whilst scheduling it to your personal itinerary.

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Smart electricity monitor

Smart device designed for visualizing the energy consumption of your home in an easy and intuitive way

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Smart shower device

Device that changes its color in function of the amount of water that has been consumed in the shower. It helps you avoid water overconsumption in the shower.

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Smart plug

It allows you to easily measure the electric consumption of any electronical device at home

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Placa Eco-home

Eco-home plate

Let people know that you have a sustainable home


App Hobeen

First 3 months of subscription for free. After free subscription, 6,25€ / month

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It pays off with what you save

All that you save on your bills will help you recover the investment of the kit in a single year

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